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Arizer Air

1 449 kr

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Arizer Air - En transportabel Vaporizer fra Arizer Tech i Sort
Arizer Air - En transportabel Vaporizer fra Arizer Tech i Sort Arizer Air - En transportabel Vaporizer fra Arizer Tech i Sort Arizer Air - Passe i lommen

1 449 kr

1 799 kr Spar 350 kr

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1 449 kr

1 799 kr Spar 350 kr

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Arizer Air er den nyeste transportable vaporizer fra den velrenommerede canadiske producent Arizer Tech. Denne ultra kompakte og letvægts vaporizer måler kun 12,2 cm i højden, har en diameter på 2,9 cm og passer derfor let i din hånd. De medfølgende genopladelige kvalitets litium batterier sørger for at du kan bruge din Arizer Air i timevis uden strøm, og du kan endda let medbringe ekstra batterier mens du er på farten! Hvis du løber tør for batteri, kan du også bruge din Arizer Air mens den oplader, hvilket giver langt en langt større frihed.

For at kunne nyde det fulde potentiale af din aromaterapiblanding, indeholder Arizer Air et optimeret varmesystem forbundet med glasskåle af høj kvalitet. Det sikre dig at du får en tyk og tæt damp ved hvert brug. Den solide ydre skal beskytter mod almindelig slidtage og det ventilerede topstykke sørger for at enhedens overfladetemperatur forbliver kold.

Arizer Air producere damp ved at udnytte det keramiske varmeelement som er beskyttet af et solidt fundament. Opvarmningstiden for Arizer Air tager blot 1-2 minutter og med det avancerede temperaturkontrolsystem kan du vælge mellem 5 forskellige temperaturer! Det enkle design gør den nem at bruge og let at rengøre. For ekstra sikkerhed er der en automatisk sluk funktion som begynder når enheden ikke har været aktiveret i 10 minutter

Arizer Air er tilgængelig i Sort og Sølv.


  • Nem at bruge og vedligeholde
  • Kompakt & letvægts design
  • Helt transportabel - ingen ledninger
  • Genopladelige litium batterier
  • 1-2 minutters opvarmningstid
  • 1 times uafbrudt brug per opladning
  • Holdbar solid skal


Tilbehør (Inkluderet)

  • Oplader
  • Aromaskål i Glas
  • 2 Glas Diffusions Mundstykker
  • Bæretaske
  • Klart Lag af Beskyttende Silikone
  • Omrøringsværktøj i Rustfrit Stål

Arizer Air Nyeste Model

Ingeniørerne har taget de bedste egenskaber fra Arizer Solo og videreudviklet dem, det har resulteret i Arizer Air som giver en ny og endnu bedre vaporizeroplevelse. Den er mindre, kraftfuldere og mere holdbar. Du kan endda fjerne litium batterierne fra enheden og genoplade dem. Hver fuld opladning giver dig 1 times brug, så hvis du har planer om at bruge din Arizer Air i længere perioder væk fra hjemmet, så anbefaler vi at du køber et ekstra Arizer Air Batteri. Når du er hjemme kan du bruge din Arizer Air mens batteriet oplades.


Som med alle produkter fra Arizer Tech, er Arizer Air produceret af materialer af højeste kvalitet, hvilket betyder at din vaporizer kan holde til almindeligt slidtage og der er livstidsgaranti på varmeelementet!


Flere Temperaturindstillinger

Juster temperaturen til dine præferencer med den præcise og avancerede temperaturkontrol - lyset vil vise hvilken temperatur som du har valgt. Du kan vælge mellem 5 forskellige varmeindstillinger:


  • Trin 1 (Blå) - 185°C
  • Trin 2 (Hvid) - 195°C
  • Trin 3 (Grøn) - 200°C
  • Trin 4 (Orange) - 205°C
  • Trin 5 (Rød) - 210°C


Automatisk Sluk

Arizer Air har et indbygget automatisk sluk system som begynder når din enhed ikke har været aktiveret i 10 minutter. For at genaktivere varmen, ved samme temperatur, skal man blot tænde for den igen ved at holde knappen nede et par sekunder.



De elektroniske dele af Arizer Air er dækket af en 2 års garanti samt det keramiske varmeelement er dækket af livstidsgaranti.

Yderligere oplysninger

Kan vaporize Aromablandinger
Producent Arizer Tech
Størrelse (længde x bredde x højde) 2,9 x 2,9 x 12,2 cm
Vaporizer vægt 340 g
Stil Sort og Sølv
Strømkilde Batteri eller Oplader
Varmeelement Keramisk varmeelement
Dampleveringsmetode Direkte
Produceret i Canada
Garanti 2 år på elektronik. Livstidsgaranti på det keramiske varmeelement

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This has proved to be a really good and needful addition to my collection of vaporisers. It is cost effective and really does what has been written in the description. Moreover, the MV always provides with genuine stuff so there is no point in doubting them. I have owned this vaporizer for 6 months and I really feel satisfied by the performance, durability and battery backup. The vaporising unit is strong and can deliver with quality vapours for years. That means it is not only pretty also is really strong. It is easy to maintain and it is very good for people like me who consider maintenance a really big task. The batteries charge quick and provide strong operation for an hour. Charging is really easy and if you don’t get a chance to charge it up, you can readily exchange the battery with an already charged one. This is a hassle free vaporizer which must have into everyone’s collection you might not use it every time but at some point you will face a need to sue it. I highly recommend it.

It is extremely durable

Going by the recent reviews, I purchased the Arizer Air, and I must say that I am truly delighted with this product. It is extremely durable, and recharging can happen within a very short period of time. Moreover, it is very easy to carry around with the carrying case, and does not have any extensive need for maintenance whatsoever.

Loving it

dos cervezas por favor
I had a fairly open budget so I researched many units online. I've had my Air for just over a week now and I'm very confident I made the best choice. This vape is well built, very easy to use, and produces nice clean, aromatic vapour. My favourite things are how it loads, the belt clip case, and the stem caps. It's easy to load up two stems, cap them, pack them and the base into the case and head out on a hike, to a concert, or wherever and have everything you need right on your hip.

As always, MagicVaporizers was excellent to deal with. Thanks again, you guys!

Worth it

I am somewhat new to vaping, had a flight box that was absolute poo. The Arizer Air however, is un frinkin real. I've used stationary vaps and it is very close to that quality. definitely worth the 240
Great unit, very impressed

Wooo hoooo

I have my EQ and this now. Resisted getting the SOLO for a long time and I'm glad I did! SOOOO smoooooth!

Arizer > Rest

I've had the Solo for 3 years and it's still going. Fantastic quality product that is long lasting, easy and really does the job well. I had to get this when I saw it come out. I was looking for something a bit more portable for a while but Davinci's quality concerns got me to stray from the ascent. Glad I waited for this. It's exactly what I wanted, a mini Solo.

Super happy with my purchase

Surprisingly light and small. The air is like a minisolo. Good vapor quality and flavor. All my solo glass fits perfectly on the Air so this gives a lot of versatility. The swappable battery is a nice feature. The glass&plastic stems can also make for 14mm h2o connections. The only less awesome aspect is the autonomy. Lasts about an hour so approx 5 full sessions but can be used while charging. Great vape with probably the least maintenance and cleaning involved. My favorite unit as of now. Overall greatly satisfied.

my new favorite!

My collection of vaporizers consists of a "Volcano", a "DaVinci Ascent" and now the "Arizer Air". Each of them is great in their own way but my "Air" has quickly become my favourite portable unit.
I've been using the "Air" for about two weeks now and find it easy to fill, simple to operate with outstanding results.
The only thing I would recommend is to have at least one spare, fully charged, battery on hand at all times then running out of power is not a problem. Get it, you'll love it.

So far so good

Buy me a a Coke
Everything about it is great!!!
The portable case could be a little bigger to be aloud to carry a tube cap. But that is a minor detail...

top notch

removable battery, arizer name, glass for purity, auto preset temps... all key components to why i chose this and boy am I happy i did - if u've got the €€ don't waste time surfing for other options. get this, its like ripping off a bandaid 300 € credit card charge and boom this is in your lap literally next day (it took them less than 24 hours to ship to me in germany. i am still surprised at their awesome service) and you'll have an amazing performing vape for life. i have the v tower and trust me when i say Arizer knows their shit. they've got good engineers. this thing works. perfectly. and with all the shit i read up about ascent problems, i didn't even second guess this purchase. go for quality and longevity , not looks. the ascent is just pretty..thats all it does and in my opinion the airs got all the good AND is damn good lookin

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