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MIGHTY Vaporizer

2 199 kr

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MIGHTY Vaporizer
MIGHTY Vaporizer MIGHTY Vaporizer - Top MIGHTY Vaporizer - Side MIGHTY Vaporizer - Included MIGHTY Vaporizer - Grinder MIGHTY Vaporizer - Display MIGHTY Vaporizer - Size

2 199 kr

2 599 kr Spar 400 kr

2 199 kr

2 599 kr Spar 400 kr

Vi garantere dig de seneste/nyeste vaporizer versioner. Vi har modtaget dette lager af MIGHTY Vaporizer den 28 mar. 2020.

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MIGHTY vaporizer er landet! Denne håndlavede vaporizer er produceret i Tyskland af Storz & Bickel, som også producere Volcano Vaporizer modellerne. MIGHTY er fremstillet af kvalitetsmaterialer som giver førsteklasses holdbarhed og funktionalitet.

Ved at udnytte en kombination af konvektion og varmeledning, bliver MIGHTY opvarmet på få sekunder hvor den leverer en tyg og synlig sky af damp, uanset om du fordamper aromaterapiblandinger, olier eller voks. Inde i MIGHTY finder du et kløgt køleelement som let kan tages ud for let rengøring. Takket være dets dobbelte Litium batterier, er batteritiden for MIGHTY 1,5-2 timer, samt mulighed for at reducere batterispild i den kloge automatiske sluk funktion.

Damp kvaliteten fra MIGHTY er yderst lig den fra Volcano: tyk, aromatisk og ren. I modsætning til andre transportable vaporizere, har MIGHTY et effektivt produktionssystem af damp, hvilket gør det til en god oplevelse, uden indlæringskurven. Prisen for denne enhed virker dyr, men det kan meget vel være den eneste vaporizer som du behøver at købe!

Hvis du leder efter en mere transportabel vaporizer, som kan bruges sammen med din smartphone, så anbefaler vi at du ser nærmere på MIGHTY's lillebror - CRAFTY vaporizer.


  • Fuld Konvektion Varmluft
  • 1,5 - 2 timers Batteritid
  • Præcis Temperaturkontrol
  • Dobbelt Litium-ion Batteri
  • Effektiv Varmeveksler
  • Automatisk Slukf
  • 60 sekunder opvarmning
  • Stor LED Skærm
  • Vibrerende Meddelelse

Tilbehør (Inkluderet)

  • Oplader
  • Væskeblok
  • 3x Ekstra Filtre
  • Rengøringsbørste
  • Grinder
  • Påfyldningsværktøj
  • Tætningsringe
  • Brugervejledning

Dobbelt Litium Batteri

MIGHTY kommer med et dobbelt litium-ion battei som kan holde til timers vedvarende brug. Batteripakken giver lang batteritid og man kan derfor bruge MIGHTY over alt. I det tilfælde at batterierne er løbet tør for strøm, kan man også bruge MIGHTY mens den er tilsluttet via opladeren.



Du kan bruge det medfølgende påfyldningsværktøj til hurtigt og nemt at fylde påfyldningskammeret, som er integreret i vaporizeren. I stedet for køleelementet, bliver påfyldningsværktøjet placeret oven på påfyldningskammeret. Køleelementet sørger for at vaporn bliver nedkølet og garantere en optimal og rig aroma.


Hurtig Opvarmning

MIGHTY vaporizer har et bredt opvarmningskammer og en effektiv varmeveksler som leverer en synlig vapor lige fra starten. Enheden kommer også med en LED skærm som giver brugeren præcis kontrol af temperaturen. MIGHTY kan opnå den ønskede temperatur på omkring 60 sekunder.



MIGHTY Vaporizer kommer med 2 års fabriksgaranti, begrænset til normal brug.


Yderligere oplysninger

Kan vaporize Aromablandinger, Olier, Vokse
Producent Storz & Bickel
Størrelse (længde x bredde x højde) 8 x 3 x 14 cm
Vaporizer vægt 230 g
Stil Sort
Strømkilde Batteri
Varmeelement Konvektion kombineret med varmeledning
Dampleveringsmetode Direkte
Produceret i Tyskland
Garanti 2 år

Anmeldelser af MIGHTY Vaporizer

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Gr8te vaperizer

I love the mighty and magicvaporizer for ther fast delerery.

Simply perfect

S&B Fanboi
Any product from Storz & Bickel would surely let users know that they are buying into premium quality and the best design. The Mighty, like all other Storz&Bickel products, is a poweful device. From the first time I held and used the Mighty, I could instantly tell how different it is from other portable vapes, certainly at a different level! The mighty is easy to use too, as well as easy to maintain. I have never had a session where I experienced a burnt smell and taste from this device, which I got from much cheaper version of other vapes. What I always get from the mighty is delicious vapor quality, dense clouds, and a satisfying vaping session.

Hail the mighty mighty!

Ever since I got the mighty, I’ve been telling so many people about it. They are hesitant to buy it because of the price so I let them borrow and have a taste. It always does the job of convincing people! They immediately know what sets the mighty apart after trying it! I have been mighty’s personal advertiser because I just love it so much, I believe others should get the chance to have and try it too. It has excellent vapor quality that always excites me! I always look forward to my sessions with the mighty, and it has never failed in delivering the best performance.


Hands down still the best portable vape! I am really sticking through with the Mighty because it set a standard that many newer types of vapes are now following. The Mighty was among the first to have a haptic feedback and had one of the longest battery life. It is easy to use and its vapor quality still outshines many other competitors. I strongly recommend going with the Mighty if potency, flavor and vapor quality is what you look for in a vaporizer. I cannot shut up about how great my vaping experiences have been with the mighty. Consistent performance too, throughout all these years.

Past its time

The mighty is good but is it worth its price? There are many, newer vaporizers that are soooo much cheaper and can do all of the things that the mighty can. I mean, the I respect the mighty but it is too expensive and is closer to a desktop vaporizer given its price! For me, the mighty has been a great companion but it is time to acknowledge that other portable vapes have risen to the challenge and have created devices that are more portable, faster, cheaper, and with great vapor quality. The mighty will still be included in the hall of fame, but it is no longer the shiniest star.

More value on other vapes

I think the Mighty is slowly being seriously contested by other portable vapes. All other portable devices now offer the same haptic feedback, longer battery time, while also much cheaper, smaller, and has faster heating time. Perhaps one of the few competitive edge that the Mighty has left is its potent flavor. I think it is still unparalleled in terms of vapor quality and taste. If you have the extra bucks, then it is good to invest it in the mighty. For enthusiasts who put primacy on flavor and vapor quality, the Mighty is the guy for you. However, it might not be that economical if you are looking for a pocket-size vape that can still get you a decent vapor quality at much cheaper prices.

Easily the best vape i have tried

Ended up saving a lot with the mighty. It is just so efficient that even small amounts of dry herbs can take me a long way. It is also easy to use and figure out, and the LED screen and vibration adds to the convenience of using this awesome device. It is a bit bigger but I don’t mind, since it is still very portable and can fit in my bag. Not so stealthy but personally, this is not a problem. I love my mighty and have no regrets in buying it. It has around an hour and a half of use and I can even use it while charging. Considering the pros of buying the mighty, it is value for your money.

Freaking fantastic

I’ve had a long and satisfying run with my MIGHTY. The only issue I have with it is it is a bit difficult to clean. You should always look into the maintenance of the devices you buy, and for the mighty to be able to perform at its highest, you need to clean it consistently and properly. Well, the MIGHTY is easier to take apart since it isn’t really the smallest device out there, but the chamber needs to be cleaned right after use. I know, I know we are all lazy but trust me, you will have a harder time if you don’t immediately clean it. I saw a cleaning video and it has helped me a lot in keeping my mighty in the best condition.

Slow but powerful

Netflix and chill
The mighty is a great device but heat up time is very long compared to other portable vapes. Newer vapes can get you started in 20 seconds while the mighty needs a minute or so. I can tell you though that it is worth the wait because vapor quality is just amazing. Temperature control is also really flexible and you can adjust it according to your preference. It is best to take a long draw when using the mighty to get the best vapor. It is easy to use and can last after more than an hour of use. The mighty is actually more affordable now but still a bit expensive.

Bigger than it looks

This device is not portable. Haha It has a solid build which I appreciate but nah, still too big for a portable vape. And its price is like buying a desktop, instead of a portable vaporizer. Everything that the mighty does, other vapes do as well. There is lesser and lesser incentive to buy the mighty as the years pass. The mighty has been great and was perhaps the best when it first came out, but not anymore. I concede that other portable vapes that are much cheaper and faster are now at par with the mighty. It still fights with its potent flavor and premium quality, but it past its time.

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